Valentine’s Day Crafts | Hallmark Ideas & Inspiration (2024)

Valentine’s Day Crafts | Hallmark Ideas & Inspiration (1)

By Em Bronson on November 8, 2016

With Valentine’s Day just a heartbeat away, now is a great time to share a little love. Just gather up a few simple craft supplies to help your kids make valentines they’ll be proud to share. Whether it’s for their classroom party or for neighbors, teachers, coaches or grandparents, kids can award anyone with extra-special attention with these creative Valentine’s Day crafts.

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"That's a wrap" candy bar wrapper printables

Deliver the goods, or goodies, to all your Valentines under sweet wraps.

Crafter level: Easy

Time needed: 5 minutes (per wrapper)

Download the candy bar wrapper printables

"Sweets to the sweet" treat bag topper printables

Wear your heart on your cellophane sleeve! Bag up your Valentines’ favorite treats in clear treat bags and top them with these festive bag toppers.

Crafter level: Easy

Time needed: 5 minutes (per topper)

Download the treat bag topper printables

Valentine award ribbons

Use cupcake liners and ribbons to create an extra-special valentine.

Crafter level: Intermediate

Time needed: 15 minutes (per award ribbon)

Download the award ribbon templates and instructions

Valentine treat boxes

Give a sweet gift in a handmade box of love.

Crafter level: Intermediate

Time needed: 10 minutes (per box)

Download the treat box templates and instructions

Valentine straw toppers

Make your Valentine party extra special with cute straw toppers.

Crafter level: Easy

Time needed: 5 minutes (per straw)

Download the straw topper templates and instructions

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Em Bronson is a Hallmark designer with a passion for baking and crafting that manages to consume most of her free time. A Southern girl at heart, Em loves sweet tea, rap music, flip-flops and fireworks of all kinds.

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    Valentine’s Day Crafts | Hallmark Ideas & Inspiration (2024)
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