Our DIY Guide to Gift Baskets & Gift Boxes (2024)

Our DIY Guide to Gift Baskets & Gift Boxes (1)

It’s always a joy to give gifts to the people you love, but it’s always a little tough trying to decide on what to give.From treats, to sheets, to handmade crafts, there’s a world of possibilities to choose from, even if you know all of their favourite things by heart.But who ever said that you had to get only one?

This is why gift boxes and gift baskets are a dream come true. Packed with a personally-picked assortment of everything your loved one enjoys (besides you, of course!), these all-in-one gifts are sure to make anyone’s day. What’s more, they’re wonderfully easy to prepare, making them a dream for both amateur crafters and gift givers ーalthough a little experience always helps!

Interested? Well then let us show you how you can make the perfect DIY gift basket, and some ideas on how to stylishly stuff any gift basket like a pro!

What You Need

Our DIY Guide to Gift Baskets & Gift Boxes (2)

  • Fabric-Friendly Scissors
  • Hot Glue or Double-Sided Tape
  • One Medium-Sized Cardboard Box
  • Leftover Fabric

While your final product will be a gift on its own, this is a wonderfully simple craft. Most of what you need are some products that you’ll already be throwing in your recycling bin after any online order (or sending off to QE Home’s ReHome recycling program). Mostly what you need is just a box, some standard scissors, and any attachment tool like a hot glue gun to attach your materials together!

As for the fabric itself, anything smooth is a dream, but do keep in mind you’ll need a decent amount. Essentially you’ll need enough fabric to cover your entire box twice, so leftover fitted sheets and flat sheets are especially recommended. Also, make sure you have some fresh new sheets to replace anything you’re going to use!

Lastly, if you enjoy decorating and are using solid fabric, don’t be afraid to throw in some heart-shaped stickers or other decorations.

Step 1: Cut Out Your Inner (And Outer) Cover

Our DIY Guide to Gift Baskets & Gift Boxes (3)

Measure twice, cut once! Your measurements will entirely depend on the size of the box you use, but the best way to approach this craft is to spread your fabric flat on the ground and place your box in the center. You’ll also want two of these patterns, so fold your fabric in half so that you can cut both at once.

Our DIY Guide to Gift Baskets & Gift Boxes (4)

From there, lean it on each side one-by-one, and use a pen to make dotted lines around the border. Use a ruler to give a little extra space too, since you’ll be folding in the fabric to look a little neater. By the end, you should have a t-shaped pattern with squares that are each a little bigger than each box side!

Our DIY Guide to Gift Baskets & Gift Boxes (5)

Once you're done, cut carefully along the lines and you'll have your completed patterns!

Step 2: Fold & Seal Your Hemlines

Our DIY Guide to Gift Baskets & Gift Boxes (6)

It’s one thing to cover a box in fabric, but it’s another to make it look neat and tidy. The best way to do this is by using your extra few inches, which are going to fold inward for a nice smooth look! To start, make a very minor cut into the margins, so that you can easily fold them in without pulling excess fabric.

Our DIY Guide to Gift Baskets & Gift Boxes (7)

Next, fold the extra margins onto the inner side of the pattern, but only on two opposing sides (either the front or back, or left and right). This will provide a natural seam so that it looks perfectly even before you glue or tape it together.

Our DIY Guide to Gift Baskets & Gift Boxes (8)

After you’ve mapped these out, simply apply your double-sided tape or glue to the margins, and fold inwards to seal them in. If you’re using glue, we recommend using a light amount ー otherwise, it might bleed through the fabric and leave an unappealing dark mark or texture.

Step 3: Attach To The Outside Of Your Box

Our DIY Guide to Gift Baskets & Gift Boxes (9) to

You’re now ready to startapplying your fabric to the box! First, fold up the sides of the non-hemmed segments, and wrap the extra margins around the corners of the box while sealing with glue or tape. From there, apply the hemmed sides overtop, covering up the unhemmed edges.

Our DIY Guide to Gift Baskets & Gift Boxes (10)

Once the sides are done, start rolling the fabric over the top of the box, and attach it onto the inside. This will give a nice smooth edge around the top of the box that’ll make it look both pleasing and professional.

Our DIY Guide to Gift Baskets & Gift Boxes (11)

Step 4: Add Your Inner Lining

It’s now time to do the same thing, but on the inside of your box, using the second pattern you cut out. After all, your gifts deserve some coziness too! Since you’ll be filling this with gifts, this can be a little messier if you’d like, but the lining helps cover up the box inside while also showcasing your gifts just a little extra.

Our DIY Guide to Gift Baskets & Gift Boxes (12)

This time, start by putting the second pattern at the base of the box, fold in the sides, and attach it just beneath (or underneath) the folded outer fabric with a little glue or (in our case) double-sided tape. Since this isn’t the most visible side, don’t worry if the lining isn’t as tidy as the outside ー remember, it’ll be filled with presents soon, which are bound to be the true stars of your gift!

Our DIY Guide to Gift Baskets & Gift Boxes (13)

Tuck and attach the inner lining elsewhere to make it as tidy as possible, or add some gift wrapping paper and a throw blanket beneath to fill space if your box is a little deep. From there, your box is ready to be decorated and filled!

What To Put In Your Gift Box or Gift Basket

So now that you’ve made your basket (or picked up a pre-made one up yourself), only one real question remains ー what should go inside? The obvious answers are things your partner loves, but you don’t want it to look like they were just thrown together like it’s being shipped in the mail.

Let us share a few of our favourite tips for how to fill the perfect gift basket!

Pure Puppy Love

Our DIY Guide to Gift Baskets & Gift Boxes (14)

Love takes many forms, and this box contains all of them at once. We’ve highlighted this box with one of our cuddly Weighted Cushions (available in select stores only), but the goal of this box is to bring as much love and comfort as possible, from a cozy themed throw to a fresh duvet cover. Beyond bedroom comforts, this is also a great place for more traditional Valentine’s Day gifts like candies and flowers.

  • Valentine’s Fleece Throw - String Hearts (In-Store Exclusive)
  • Weighted Cushion - Rover (In-Store Exclusive)
  • Linen Love Wool Dryer Ball Set - Good Health
  • Bamboo Cotton Duvet Cover - Frosted Berry

Weekend Care Package

Our DIY Guide to Gift Baskets & Gift Boxes (15)

More than just a gift, this style of basket offers a full experience for your giftee’s next day off. This box is filled with everything your loved one needs to treat themselves on a much-needed personal. Top it off with a bath bomb to turn your gift into a spa day experience, and some homemade desserts for a more personal (and literal) touch of flavour!

  • Valentine’s Fleece Throw - Love Hearts (In-Store Exclusive)
  • Modal Cotton Towels in White
  • Chenille Hot Water Bottle in White

Chic Silk Surprise

Our DIY Guide to Gift Baskets & Gift Boxes (16)

Silk is always a beloved choice for gifts, partially for its brilliant health benefits, but also for its gorgeous colour and sheen, as it makes it just that extra bit more personal (even more if you add some custom embroidery). Throw in some more romantic gifts like gorgeous glasses or scented candles, and you're sure to make your partner as flush and speechless as you whenever you see them.

  • 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase in Blush
  • 100% Mulberry Silk Hair Wrap in Blush
  • 100% Mulberry Silk Heatless Curler Set in Blush

If you want to stay tuned for more seasonal crafts and gift ideas, subscribe to our mailing list so we can keep you posted on all our hottest finds! Plus, be sure to also check out any of our 75+ stores so you can easily replace all the old sheets and covers you just used for your gifts.

Happy crafting!

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As an expert in the art of gift-giving, I am here to guide you through the process of creating the perfect DIY gift basket. With my first-hand expertise and extensive knowledge in this area, I can assure you that you'll be able to impress your loved ones with a thoughtfully curated gift.

Before we dive into the step-by-step instructions, let's familiarize ourselves with some key concepts used in the following article:

  1. Gift Boxes and Gift Baskets: These all-in-one gifts are packed with a personally-picked assortment of items that your loved ones enjoy. They are a joy to give and receive, as they contain a variety of goodies that cater to the recipient's preferences.

  2. Fabric-Friendly Scissors: These scissors are specifically designed for cutting fabric without causing any damage or fraying. They are essential for this DIY project.

  3. Hot Glue or Double-Sided Tape: These are attachment tools that you will use to secure the fabric and other materials together. Hot glue provides a strong hold, while double-sided tape offers a more convenient and mess-free option.

  4. Cardboard Box: A medium-sized cardboard box will serve as the base for your gift basket. Make sure to choose a box that is sturdy enough to hold the items you plan to include.

  5. Leftover Fabric: Smooth fabric is ideal for this craft. You will need enough fabric to cover your entire box twice, so consider using leftover fitted sheets and flat sheets. Remember to have fresh new sheets on hand to replace any fabric you use.

Now that we have a good understanding of the concepts, let's proceed with the step-by-step instructions:

Step 1: Cut Out Your Inner (And Outer) Cover

  • Measure your fabric by spreading it flat on the ground and placing your box in the center.
  • Fold the fabric in half and cut out two patterns that are slightly larger than each side of the box.
  • Use a pen to make dotted lines around the border, leaving some extra space for folding.
  • Cut carefully along the lines to obtain your completed patterns.

Step 2: Fold & Seal Your Hemlines

  • To achieve a neat and tidy look, fold the extra margins of the fabric inward on two opposing sides.
  • Make minor cuts into the margins to facilitate easy folding without pulling excess fabric.
  • Apply double-sided tape or glue to the margins and fold them inwards to seal.

Step 3: Attach To The Outside Of Your Box

  • Fold up the sides of the non-hemmed segments and wrap the extra margins around the corners of the box.
  • Use glue or tape to secure the fabric in place.
  • Apply the hemmed sides over the top, covering the unhemmed edges.
  • Roll the fabric over the top of the box and attach it to the inside, creating a smooth edge.

Step 4: Add Your Inner Lining

  • Use the second pattern you cut out to line the inside of the box.
  • Fold in the sides and attach the lining beneath the folded outer fabric using glue or double-sided tape.
  • Don't worry too much about the tidiness of the lining since it will be filled with gifts.

Now that your gift box or gift basket is ready, it's time to decide what to put inside. The article suggests a few ideas, such as:

  1. Pure Puppy Love: Fill the basket with cozy items like a Valentine's fleece throw, a weighted cushion, wool dryer ball set, bamboo cotton duvet cover, and traditional Valentine's Day gifts like candies and flowers.

  2. Weekend Care Package: Create a full experience for your loved one's next day off with items like a Valentine's fleece throw, modal cotton towels, chenille hot water bottle, bath bomb, and homemade desserts.

  3. Chic Silk Surprise: Opt for luxurious gifts like a 100% mulberry silk pillowcase, hair wrap, heatless curler set, and add some romantic touches like gorgeous glasses or scented candles.

Remember, these are just a few suggestions, and you can customize the gift basket based on your loved one's preferences and interests.

If you're interested in more seasonal crafts and gift ideas, consider subscribing to the mailing list and checking out the 75+ stores for all your bedding needs.

Happy crafting!

Our DIY Guide to Gift Baskets & Gift Boxes (2024)


What do you put in the bottom of a gift basket? ›

Regardless of the basket you choose, you should fill the bottom with crumpled paper or another type of filler before adding the gift items. This filler provides an even, decorative base. Crumpled tissue paper is one of the most common options, but shredded paper, shredded cellophane, and straw can also work well.

How do you arrange gift baskets? ›

We recommend starting by placing the larger and heavier gift items in the back. Place shorter and smaller items in front, arranging them in a way that all gifts are visible. Use tissue paper or shred to help boost height for items that may not be quite as visible.

How many gifts should be in a gift basket? ›

We recommend you include 4-5 items in a small gift basket. For a medium-sized REALTOR® gift basket, choose 7-8 items. Finally, we suggest you pick 10 or more products for a large basket.

How do you box a gift basket? ›

How to Package a Gift Basket
  1. Secure the gift basket with bubble wrap. ...
  2. Choose the right-sized box for your gift basket. ...
  3. Insert cushioning materials to the box's corners. ...
  4. Label your package correctly. ...
  5. Shipping with USPS. ...
  6. Shipping with FedEx. ...
  7. Shipping with UPS. ...
  8. Use shipping insurance.

How do you display items in a gift basket? ›

For starters, if you're using a deep container, fill the bottom with shredded paper so the gifts will be visible above the top of the opening. Then, decide which side of the basket is going to be the front and position the largest items at the back. Place medium-sized gifts in the middle and small ones at the front.

What is a gourmet gift basket? ›

Gourmet gift baskets typically include exotic fruit, and often include quality cheese and wine, as well as other nonfood items. Gift baskets are often sent for special occasions—such as holidays—or as a thank-you or congratulations gift.

What is the plastic around gift baskets called? ›

Cellophane Wrap & Basket Bags

Our polypropylene and cellophane bags and clear gift wrap rolls provide a flexible way to wrap oddly shaped items and gift baskets.

How do you display a shirt in a gift basket? ›

Rolled T-Shirt Basket

Super easy to do. Fold the shirt in half lengthwise. Tuck in sleeves and roll up Tie with a ribbon and fold the edges down to look like a rose. Stuff tissue paper around the shirts and add bows!

How do you put flowers in a gift basket? ›

The easiest way I have found is to set a bowl in the bottom of the basket. This bowl will hold the water and the flowers so your basket will not get ruined.

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