Honey-Glazed Mushrooms With Udon Recipe (2024)



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Delicious meal! However, modifications are needed. As with other comments, use only half of the honey. In addition, don’t use all of the suggested soy sauce (a little goes a long way).Just before removing from pan to serving platter or bowls, if you have, add about 1tb spoon of toasted sesame oil.Just before eating, a spritz of lime on the noodles brings the dish alive! Note: chili oil crunch (momofoku) goes well with this dish.Dish now on family meal rotation 😎


There is no difference between button and cremini mushrooms except color; "cremini" is a marketing term invented to promote the brown button mushrooms that no one thought shoppers would buy since they were only familiar with white ones. The flavor of this dish will not be affected by substitution of white mushrooms for cremini. We just think cremini look more like wild mushrooms.


Why is this recipe hiding under all the others? So yummy and simple.I typically like my udon busy but seasoning the udon with the mushroom "sauce" and soy sauce was fantastic. I skipped the cabbage (because I didn't have any), used only 2 tbsp of butter, and topped with an egg.


Only partially true that there is no difference between “button”, cremini, and portabella. Yes, they are all they same species. But just as a green tomato and a ripened tomato of the same species will be very different in recipes, the same is true for Agaricus bisporus; the time of harvest does impact their taste, texture, moisture content and recipe they are used in. The brown color of a cremini does not come from leaving a “button” mushroom out too long, its harvested later.

Frances Leftwich

I made this for my vegan friend for Christmas dinner. I didn't use honey (he is REALLY vegan) and found it not to need sweetner . He liked it. Also used olive oil since he doesn't eat butter. Most of the carnivores ate it too.


As written I found this too sweet, but adding chili oil mostly balanced it out; in the future I will probably do 2+ tbsp honey instead of 3, and the garlic needs to be doubled and preferably have some fresh ginger added as well. I also think it could use a little rice vinegar or shaoxing added at same time as soy sauce, and I would strongly suggest shiitake over cremini; they'll take less time and kick up the umami profile. My toddler loved the plain noodles with the sauce.


My wife and I really liked this, though I think it could use a little heat. I'll probably mince a jalapeño or serrano and add with the garlic next time.


Veganized this using vegan butter and maple syrup instead of honey—delicious!


Made 1/13/2022Added tofu pressed and sautéed in ginger teriyaki sauce and sesame oil. Very good. Had to sub cilantro for scallions. Good. Also had to use soba, not udon. Lighter; soba would be fine, too.


Edit: I bet a poached egg on top would elevate the whole dish


The recipe calls for a 12” skillet as an option. It does not work. A wok maybe but not a 12” skillet. Ruined dinner.


I doubled the amount of garlic and added MSG and chili crisp. This was so good that my husband didn’t realize it was vegetarian until he had finished the whole wok.


Delicious! Used bucatini pasta, baby bellas, white mushrooms, and regular cabbage because these were the items I had. We LOVED this dish and will make it again and again. Might try adding a few red pepper flakes next time. So good!!


Made with what was on hand: sh*take mushrooms, baby bok choy, and soba. Added fresh minced ginger with the garlic, and a small dollop of chili crisp. Halved the honey. Didn't have scallions, topped with cilantro instead.

JM in SF

10/10. Husband and I both loved this. Definitely use the fresh noodles. The only change I made was to add about a tablespoon of minced ginger when I added the garlic. This takes a little longer to prepare than advertised but very worth it. Could sprinkle with furikake to finish.

Lisa Conn

I really liked the clean simplicity, but depth of these flavors. I wouldn't want to make it taste like everything else, so NO adding chili flakes, sesame oil, ginger for me. I didn't have enough mushrooms so I used shiitakes, asparagus and julienned carrots. I also stir fried the cabbage at the end with the veggies and tossed with noodles, soy and scallions after. The family loved it.


This is a very lovely recipe. I worried from the photos that the noodles would be too plain, but there was indeed a sauce from the moisture of the cabbage and the water from the noodles. Per others' suggestions, I topped mine with a poached egg and shichimi togarashi, which gave it a lovely spice and creaminess. I don't have a wok so I used my cast iron which worked just fine. Overall, a quick dinnernight staple that I'm glad I discovered!


I made this with red cabbage instead of napa and I loved the density and color it added to the dish!!


Amazing! Followed recipe to the letter - and found it delicious. Will make again.


Perfect as written!


Delicious and fast meal that had my family going back for seconds


I really enjoy this dish - easy and tasty! However, I found that there was too much liquid with both the mushrooms and cabbage in the same pan. The second time, I cooked the cabbage in a separate pan, drained, and added. Worked great!

Hack Cook

Add some shrimp! Amazing.


Subbed shaved Brussels sprouts for the cabbage. Also, after a couple of bites heeded the suggestion to add some chili oil. Definitely kicked a good recipe up a notch.


delicious. add chopped ginger

Stan Lewiecki

Great recipe, but I make a few additions (as is the spirit of cooking): namely extra soy sauce & minced ginger added alongside the garlic.


Added more garlic and momof*cku chilli oil! As other comments suggested, did not think it needed as much cabbage and ended up using half the amount. Doubled the amount of mushrooms, used cremini and shiitake. I don’t think it needed that much better and next time would use less. Used coconut aminos instead of soy sauce. Pretty good recipe and easy for meal prep! Next time would probably throw in bok choy and some other veggies.

Judy Baltimore

I made it as the recipe and it was easy and delicious. Next time I willadd some heat . Just a little to balance the sweet and salty . Note, this meal cost me $9 minus the honey and soy sauce I had at home already . I did end up topping with small pc of grilled tuna which was not included in the $9


Added some ginger and sesame oil with the garlic, and and mixed in an egg once off the heat for a silkier sauce. So yum!!! Definitely a new weekly fav


Be careful with the heat, as the sugars in the honey can burn easily. If you're cooking on a cal-rod, take the mushrooms off heat once browned and let the whole thing cool down a bit before continuing.

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Honey-Glazed Mushrooms With Udon Recipe (2024)


Do you have to boil honey mushrooms? ›

Honey mushrooms are ideal for sautéing, but they also go great with cherry tomatoes, sausage, polenta, potatoes, and pasta. Be careful, though: Mycologists recommend pre-boiling the mushrooms for at least 10 minutes to eliminate any risk of toxicity.

Are honey mushrooms good to eat? ›

Although a good edible, ringless honeys must be thoroughly cooked, or they can cause serious stomach upset. Try a small amount at first, and make sure it is fully cooked. If gathering from urban areas, make sure no lawn treatments have been used! Some people use only the caps, discarding the tough stems.

What is the best way to cook honey mushrooms? ›

To roast honey mushrooms, preheat your oven to 400°F (200°C). Toss the mushrooms in olive oil, salt, and pepper, then spread them out on a baking sheet. Roast for 15-20 minutes, stirring occasionally, until the mushrooms are golden and tender.

How long to sauté honey mushrooms? ›

Heat the mushrooms in a non-stick pan on medium to medium-high heat. It's important to cook them for at least 15 minutes as undercooked honey mushrooms can make some people sick.

What is so special about a honey mushroom? ›

Those of the honey mushroom (Armillaria mellea), which are black and resemble shoestrings, are intricately constructed and are differentiated to conduct water and food materials from one part of the thallus to another.

What are the symptoms of honey mushroom poisoning? ›

Toxicity. Although many people eat well-cooked honey mushrooms with no ill effects, some people experience poisoning symptoms including gastrointestinal upsets, chills, cramps and sweating. Any honey mushrooms should be thoroughly cooked before eating.

What is the healthiest mushroom to eat? ›

Shiitake, Oyster, and Lion's Mane mushrooms are considered one of the healthiest mushrooms. The shape, color, size, and flavor of mushroom varieties differ, but they do share similar nutritional values. Most mushrooms offer: Carbohydrates.

Can you cook mushrooms without boiling? ›

You cook sliced or chopped mushrooms in a hot pan without adding any fat, liquid, or sauce. As the mushrooms heat up in the pan, they release their juices and cook in their own liquid, concentrating the flavor of the mushrooms.

Should mushroom be boiled before cooking? ›

Cooking lessens the likelihood of getting sick. Even uncooked button mushrooms can make some people sick, especially in larger quantities. However, cooking them like I've described, neutralizes the toxins. I often do boil my mushrooms (buttons) before I make Burgundy mushrooms.

Is it important to boil mushroom before cooking? ›

The myth that mushrooms will soak up all the water has been busted by other chefs and food scientists. Boiling mushrooms before sautéing works because mushrooms are neither plant nor animal. This comes down to the mushroom itself -- its internal structure is such that you literally cannot overcook a mushroom.

Should mushrooms be boiled before eating? ›

But strangely enough, the secret to better (and faster) sautéed mushrooms is cooking them in water: Boiling your shrooms before pan-frying actually helps them brown. Just like soaking tofu in boiling salt water, boiling mushrooms “dries them out” a little.

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