Easy and Cool Pumpkin Painting ideas (guide for 2021) (2024)

How to Paint Amazing Pumpkins (35+ ideas)

Do you always desire those stunning DIY creations on Pinterest, but your crafts always turn out a big mess?

Have you ever looked amazed and with envy at other people’s stunning pumpkin decor?

Do you ever dream about the perfect pumpkin for Fall?

In this post, I will guide you through how to paint the best pumpkin for Fall or Halloween?

Painting pumpkins is one of the most effortless and fun no-carve pumpkin crafts that you can also make with your children.

You may think that there’s no big deal about painted pumpkins, you just grab a bottle of paint and add a design, the end! But to achieve that ‘home decor magazine’ style gorgeous pumpkins you do need to know some hacks.

Do you know everything about painting pumpkins and came only for inspiration? Click to jump to the pumpkin painting ideas section.

Are you ready? Let’s dive in!

How to choose your pumpkins for painting?

You don’t need to be a pumpkin PRO to identify good pumpkins. For your craft, you do need and want to work with fresh pumpkins. Having a rotten art-piece after a couple of days is a big bummer, a waste of time, money, and energy.

There are a couple of things to look out for when choosing the ‘lucky one’. Search for fresh, firm pumpkins with hard skins. Soft spots and liquid leaking is a sign of rot. Avoid pumpkins with bruised, scratched, discolored, or damaged skin.

Always check the stem too; opt for a firm, and a few inches long. Small, loose or missing stems are a bad sign.

A foul odor is also an indication of rotten or overripe pumpkins (examine at the stem (top) and the blossom end (bottom).

What pumpkins are best for painting?

You may also wonder, is there a specific type that is best for painting or crafts in general?

According to wikiHow: most pumpkins are suitable for painting, but a few are especially good:

  • Baby Pam,
  • Sugar Pie,
  • Neon,
  • Lumina,
  • Cotton Candy.

How to prepare pumpkins for painting?

If you are a crafter, you may already know that before painting anything, you need to prepare the surface so the paint has proper adherence.

Pumpkins have a glossy and non-porous surface, so the paint doesn’t have anything to adhere to. If the pumpkin is not primed, the color ultimately can rub off, crack, peel off, or wouldn’t stick or cover the surface well.

What you have to do?

  • Clean the pumpkin gently with a damp cloth or wet wipes, then pat it dry. Avoid rubbing or brushing it vigorously that may damage the skin.
  • Try not to wet the stem and the blossom end part, because it will make your pumpkin go bad faster.
  • For better adhesion, use a craft sealant, acrylic ground, or gesso as a primer before painting. Although this step is optional, it may help the paint to stick to the surface. Add a light coat and let it dry completely before painting.

Also, be aware that over time your pumpkin may dry out and shrink and this will also affect your painting.

What kind of paint do you use on a pumpkin?

If only adults are involved in the painting process the best paint to use is acrylic paint (craft or artists acrylic paint) or spray paint.

I prefer using acrylic paint because they are available in a large variety of colors and also with different effects like metallic, pearl, or velvet. Everyone can find the best paint for their needs and style.

For a most distinct effect, you can also use chalkboard paint (you can write on the pumpkins notes, quotes, or draw fun things on it with chalk), or puff paint to create lace-like or henna tattoo designs.

Use permanent markers to add further patterns, doodles, or line art.

Painting pumpkins with kids is a little different. Never spray paint pumpkins with children around (it is toxic, and adults should also paint outside or in a well-ventilated room with masks). Even though most craft acrylic paints are non-toxic, I still wouldn’t use them with kids.

For kids, use washable paint or mix tempera with school glue to make it stick better (50/50 ratio). Activity paint is a good choice since it adheres to almost any surface and not prone to cracking.

How to paint pumpkins?

I wouldn’t say that there is a proper way to paint pumpkins except for the first and crucial step of preparing the pumpkin (see the benefits I’ve mentioned above in the article) and sealing after painting. Finishing your craft with a sealant will not only make them look better but also protect them from getting scratched or damaged.

But let’s see several methods of painting a pumpkin:

  1. painting a solid color with a brush or spray paint (tutorial by Practically Functional),
  2. hand-paint designs (tutorial by Craftberry Bush)
  3. ombre painting (tutorial by Sarah Hearts),
  4. drip painted (tutorial by Momdot),
  5. marbled effect (tutorial by A Bubbly Life),
  6. dip-painted (tutorial by Ciera Design),
  7. color splatters (tutorial by Homeyohmy),
  8. stenciled (tutorial by Handmade Charlotte).
Easy and Cool Pumpkin Painting ideas (guide for 2021) (1)
Easy and Cool Pumpkin Painting ideas (guide for 2021) (2)

What to use to decorate pumpkins?

There are endless craft supplies you can embellish your freshly painted pumpkin. I would recommend not overdoing it. Usually, less is more.

So let’s see how to further decorate painted pumpkins:

  • pipe cleaners,
  • yarn,
  • stickers,
  • raffia,
  • washi tape,
  • glitter,
  • felt, craft foam, or leather shapes,
  • googly eyes,
  • buttons,
  • add texture before painting with a hot glue gun or puff paint,
  • sequins,
  • make small cutouts or drill holes in it,
  • wheat, hay, or berries,
  • rhinestones,
  • pom poms,
  • beads,
  • drip crayons with a hot glue gun,
  • studs,
  • lace, doily, or macrame,
  • knit or crochet hats, scarfs or cozy,
  • tattoos or mod podge paper napkins,
  • newspapers or old books,
  • ribbons (turn them into bats or decorate along the lines),
  • jewels,
  • tissue paper, construction paper, or craft paper,
  • feathers,
  • fabric scraps,
  • mosaic or small mirrors (turn them into a disco ball),
  • hats (for example, witch or straw hat),
  • flowers (create a wreath around the stem).

Easy pumpkin painting ideas

Do you need inspiration? I’ve collected a few of my favorite painted pumpkin tutorials. I categorized them so you can easily find your winner for this year.

Creative pumpkin ideas:

  1. Sparkly mermaid by A Pumpkin and A Princess,
  2. Easy cactus variations by Aww Sam,
  3. Stunning flower moon by The Merrythought,
  4. Fun and colorful pipe cleaners by Design Improvised,
  5. Hillarious DIY Pun-Kins by Studio DIY,
  6. Chic watercolor and gold painting by Nest of Posies.
Easy and Cool Pumpkin Painting ideas (guide for 2021) (3)

Chic and cool pumpkin painting ideas:

  1. Gorgeous gold confetti by Homeyohmy,
  2. Effortless brushstrokes by The Merrythought,
  3. Chic fall pumpkins by Bobby & Bean,
  4. Glamorous sequin polka dots by Sugar and Cloth,
  5. Cool studs by Jessie Daye,
  6. Woodgrain pattern by Vitamini Handmade.
Easy and Cool Pumpkin Painting ideas (guide for 2021) (4)

Spooky Halloween pumpkin painting ideas:

  1. Easily painted fingerprints by Handmade Charlotte,
  2. ‘Boo’ stenciled by House of Joyfulnoise,
  3. Scary googly eyes by A Little Craft in Your Day,
  4. Glittery Halloween by The Inspiration Board,
  5. Black and White variations by Magia Mia,
  6. Spider webs on ombre painting by Plaid Online.
Easy and Cool Pumpkin Painting ideas (guide for 2021) (5)

Cute pumpkin painting ideas:

  1. Nom-nom donuts by Studio DIY,
  2. Fall foliage with flowers by PMQ for Two,
  3. Lovely Minions by Crafty Morning (I’m a Minions fan!),
  4. Adorable Unicorn with flower crown by Craft Box Girls,
  5. Yummy ice cream cone by Frugal Coupon Living,
  6. Cute woodland animals for the kids and not only by Lia Griffith.
Easy and Cool Pumpkin Painting ideas (guide for 2021) (6)

How long will a painted pumpkin last

Usually, uncut pumpkins last – 3-6 months if they are stored in a cool, dry place. This may vary, because you never know exactly how fresh they are.

On the contrary, carved pumpkins last a couple of days before starting to rot (an estimate of 3-5 days). You can prolong the life of your carved pumpkin with a few tricks and hacks like putting it in the fridge for the night or using battery-operated candles or glow sticks.

For more tips, check this guide on how to make pumpkins last longer by Woman’s Day.

How do you preserve painted pumpkins?

The good news is that paint will help to preserve the pumpkin. Although, as I mentioned above, after painting, apply a coat of sealer, that will also help to keep out moisture and prevent your pumpkin from early rotting.

Do you want to learn more about how to preserve pumpkins? Head over to this guide by This Is My Garden. They cover both carved and painted pumpkins.

Bonus NO-Carve pumpkin ideas

  • Stack pumpkins to create “fall people” or a witch. Draw them a face and decorate with hat, scarves, wheat, or anything else.
  • Wrap the pumpkin with gauze for small and spooky mummies. Add night-glow googly eyes to make them even creepier.
  • Paint a small pumpkin black. Attach pipe cleaners or wire on each side and glue on a few different sized googly eyes. Voila, you have an adorable pumpkin spider.
  • Turn them into a large pillar candle holder by removing the stem.

Conclusion about painting pumpkins

As you could see, painting pumpkins is not rocket science, but if you follow the tips and hacks mentioned above, you’ll definitely create a stunning pumpkin decor that amaze the neighbours and will last for weeks.

I hope you found this article helpful, and I could also give you inspiration for a new and stunning Fall or Halloween pumpkin for this season.

Do you like to carve or paint pumpkins? Have you ever tried painting a pumpkin? How it turned out? Leave a comment!

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Easy And Cool Pumpkin Painting Ideas (Guide FOR 2021)

Insights, advice, suggestions, feedback and comments from experts

How to Paint Amazing Pumpkins (35+ ideas)

Painting pumpkins is a popular DIY craft, especially during the fall season and Halloween. It's a fun and creative way to decorate pumpkins without the need for carving. In this article, I will provide information related to all the concepts mentioned in the article "How to Paint Amazing Pumpkins (35+ ideas)".

Choosing Pumpkins for Painting

When choosing pumpkins for painting, it's important to select fresh and firm pumpkins with hard skins. Avoid pumpkins with soft spots, liquid leaking, bruised, scratched, discolored, or damaged skin. Additionally, check the stem of the pumpkin and opt for a firm stem that is a few inches long. A foul odor is an indication of a rotten or overripe pumpkin [[7]].

Best Pumpkins for Painting

Most pumpkins are suitable for painting, but there are a few types that are especially good for this purpose. According to wikiHow, the following pumpkin varieties are recommended for painting: Baby Pam, Sugar Pie, Neon, Lumina, and Cotton Candy [[8]].

Preparing Pumpkins for Painting

Before painting a pumpkin, it's important to prepare the surface to ensure proper paint adherence. Pumpkins have a glossy and non-porous surface, so it's necessary to prime them before painting. To prepare a pumpkin for painting, gently clean it with a damp cloth or wet wipes, avoiding excessive rubbing or brushing. After cleaning, let the pumpkin dry completely. For better adhesion, you can use a craft sealant, acrylic ground, or gesso as a primer before painting. Applying a light coat of primer and allowing it to dry completely will help the paint stick to the surface [[9]].

Types of Paint to Use

The type of paint you use on a pumpkin depends on whether adults or children are involved in the painting process. For adults, acrylic paint (craft or artist's acrylic paint) or spray paint are recommended. Acrylic paint comes in a variety of colors and effects, such as metallic, pearl, or velvet. Chalkboard paint and puff paint can also be used for distinct effects. Permanent markers can be used to add patterns, doodles, or line art [[11]].

When painting pumpkins with kids, it's important to use non-toxic and washable paint. Washable paint or a mixture of tempera paint and school glue (50/50 ratio) are good options. Activity paint is also a suitable choice as it adheres to almost any surface and is not prone to cracking [[11]].

Methods of Painting Pumpkins

There are various methods you can use to paint pumpkins, including:

  1. Painting a solid color with a brush or spray paint.
  2. Hand-painting designs.
  3. Ombre painting.
  4. Drip painting.
  5. Marbled effect.
  6. Dip-painting.
  7. Color splatters.
  8. Stenciling [[12]].

Decorating Painted Pumpkins

After painting pumpkins, you can further embellish them with various craft supplies. Some ideas for decorating painted pumpkins include using pipe cleaners, yarn, stickers, raffia, washi tape, glitter, felt, craft foam, googly eyes, buttons, hot glue gun or puff paint for texture, sequins, cutouts or drilled holes, wheat, hay, berries, rhinestones, pom poms, beads, drip crayons, studs, lace, doilies, macrame, knit or crochet accessories, tattoos, mod podge paper napkins, newspapers or old books, ribbons, jewels, tissue paper, feathers, fabric scraps, mosaic or small mirrors, hats, flowers, and more [[13]].

How Long Painted Pumpkins Last

Uncut pumpkins can last 3-6 months if stored in a cool, dry place. However, carved pumpkins typically last only a few days before starting to rot. To prolong the life of a carved pumpkin, you can put it in the fridge overnight or use battery-operated candles or glow sticks instead of real candles [[14]].

Preserving Painted Pumpkins

Paint can help preserve pumpkins, but it's still important to take steps to prevent early rotting. After painting a pumpkin, apply a coat of sealer to keep out moisture. This will help preserve the pumpkin and maintain its appearance [[15]].

Bonus NO-Carve Pumpkin Ideas

If you prefer not to carve or paint pumpkins, there are alternative ways to decorate them. Some ideas include stacking pumpkins to create "fall people" or a witch, wrapping a pumpkin with gauze to create spooky mummies, attaching pipe cleaners or wire to create pumpkin spiders, or turning pumpkins into large pillar candle holders by removing the stem [[16]].

In conclusion, painting pumpkins is a fun and creative way to decorate for fall and Halloween. By following the tips and hacks mentioned in the article, you can create stunning pumpkin decor that will last for weeks. Whether you choose to paint a solid color, hand-paint designs, or try other painting techniques, the possibilities are endless. Remember to choose fresh pumpkins, prepare the surface properly, and use the appropriate paint for your project. Happy pumpkin painting!

Easy and Cool Pumpkin Painting ideas (guide for 2021) (2024)
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