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First flight of eaglet in U.S. Steel nest captured on camera The first flight of the eaglet in the nest by U.S. Steel's Irvin Plant was caught on camera. 56M ago
Man dies after getting hit by roller coaster at Ohio amusem*nt park A man who was hit by a roller coaster at an Ohio amusem*nt park has died. 1H ago
Pittsburgh Penguins announce 2024 pre-season schedule The Penguins will play in seven pre-season games before kicking off the 2024-25 campaign. 2H ago
Bin full of puppies left in Pittsburgh-area Walmart parking lot A bin full of puppies was left in the parking lot of a Pittsburgh-area Walmart, according to an animal shelter. 2H ago
Pennsylvania State Police unveil informational card to help people with Autism Pennsylvania State Police have unveiled information cards to help communication between people with Autism and police. 2H ago
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Active shooters spiked from 2019-2023 compared to prior 5 years, FBI says In 2023, 105 individuals were killed during active shootings, the highest level in years, the FBI said. 8H ago
Map shows state abortion restrictions 2 years after Supreme Court overturned Roe The high court overturned the right to abortion two years ago. Here's where abortion access stands in states. 6H ago
Dr. Jill Biden makes campaign stop in Pittsburgh to speak about reproductive rights Dr. Jill Biden made a campaign stop in Pittsburgh on Sunday for her husband and Vice President Harris to talk about reproductive freedoms nationwide and in the Commonwealth. 5H ago
Groundbreaking ceremony held for new Tree of Life campus in Squirrel Hill After months of demolition, the site of the Tree of Life synagogue is ready for construction. 5H ago
The Biden-Trump debate: An interview for the nation's top job John Dickerson looks at the historical precedents of presidential debates, and explains why a Biden-Trump debate is like no other. Jun 23
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Consumer News Sharing tips and tricks to battle inflation at the grocery store Budget coach Brittany Newcomb joined us to share some tips for tackling your next grocery list. Jun 21 05:15
Latest Product Recall Information Want to check the latest product recalls, click here! May 17, 2023
Consumer alert issued for Pittsburgh convenience store after inspector finds rodent droppings A Pittsburgh convenience store was hit with a consumer alert after an inspector found rodent droppings. Jun 19
Expert explains what food in the fridge is safe to eat after losing power An expert explains what should stay and what should go when it comes to the food in your fridge after losing power. Jun 19
More than $22 billion will be spent on Father's Day, National Retail Federation says A National Retail Federation survey finds around 75% of Americans are expected to celebrate. Jun 16
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Pittsburgh Today Live Marvin Minute: New birdie toy David Highfield is sharing some new video of his cat, Marvin, with his new toy. 1H ago 01:02
Congrats Samantha Moatz | Eat'n Park's Superburgers for Superheroes The first winner of Eat'n Park's Superburgers for Superheroes prize is Samantha Moatz, the founder and executive director of 412Thrive. 1H ago 01:40
Pop Talk Live: June 24, 2024 Elista from 100.7 STAR joined us for another edition of Pop Talk Live! 4H ago 03:52
Steph Cozza breaks down the best shows and movies you can stream Founder and film critic from "Cinema Vixens," Steph Cozza, joined us with a summer streaming guide! 4H ago 04:11
Dr. Mike Hutchinson talks important things to know with the summer sun and your pets Veterinarian Dr. Mike Hutchinson joined the show to tell us some ways we can keep our pets safe during the summer months. 4H ago 04:28
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Commissioner wants answers about how Beaver County Housing Authority spends public's money Questions have been raised about how the director of the Beaver County Housing Authority and her board members are spending the public's money. Jun 18
Beaver County Housing Authority leaders have taken dozens of glamorous out-of-state trips The executive director and board members of the Beaver County Housing Authority spend a lot of time out-of-state. Jun 17
Shuman Juvenile Detention Center expected to reopen in 2 to 3 weeks, leaders say The Shuman Juvenile Detention Center has been closed amid complaints that the juvenile justice system has become a revolving door Jun 13
Class-action lawsuit alleges certain Kia and Hyundai vehicles have a defect A class action lawsuit against Kia and Hyundai looks to hold the company accountable after more than 3,100 vehicle fires since 2010. Jun 13
Does sunscreen expire? A dermatologist explains when it's time for a new bottle. The FDA says sunscreen lasts only three years, but a Pittsburgh dermatologist said you shouldn't even get that far. Jun 7
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Doctor explains how to stay cool for outdoor events in Pittsburgh this weekend With several events going on around the Pittsburgh region, plenty of people will be outside. Jun 21
Talking symptoms, testing and treatment of prostate cancer For men's health months, we're telling you about one local group that's spreading awareness in an effort to save lives. The founder of Prostate Cancer Pittsburgh, Jerry Livingston, joined the show to tell us more. Jun 21 05:28
Woman at Pittsburgh hospital becomes first to receive vaccine for early-stage breast cancer The vaccine, given in three doses, was developed over decades of research by doctors at UPMC. Jun 21
567,000 chargers sold at Costco recalled after 2 homes catch fire Portable battery chargers recalled after 120 reports of the product overheating, safety watchdog warns. Jun 20
Vitamix recalls 569,000 blender parts after dozens of injuries The nationwide recall includes Vitamix products that were previously repaired in a 2018 recall amid 27 reports of cut hands. Jun 20
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Pittsburgh Penguins announce 2024 pre-season schedule The Penguins will play in seven pre-season games before kicking off the 2024-25 campaign. 2H ago
Neal Shipley finishes inside top ten at professional golf debut Shipley will make his PGA Tour debut later this week at the Rocket Mortgage Classic in Detroit. 11H ago
Scottie Scheffler wins PGA Tour event after climate protesters run onto green Six people protesting climate change stormed the 18th green at the Travelers Championship on Sunday, delaying the finish for about five minutes. 18H ago
Yandy Díaz sparks offense as Rays earn 3-1 win over Skenes, Pirates Yandy Díaz hit a home run off the first pitch from Paul Skenes before leading off a two-run eighth inning with a single, sparking a 3-1 win for the Tampa Bay Rays over the Pittsburgh Pirates. 22H ago
Sha'Carri Richardson wins 100-meter final to earn spot on U.S. Olympic team Three years ago, Richardson won the same race, only to see the victory stripped because of a positive marijuana test. Jun 23
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Business News

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Pennsylvania court will decide whether skill game terminals are gambling machines Pennsylvania's highest court will decide whether the cash-paying electronic game terminals that are commonplace in convenience stores, bars and elsewhere are unlicensed gambling machines. Jun 23
Washington County prepares for Pony League World Series Washington County leaders are getting ready for the Pony League World Series, which brings in lots of money for the county. Jun 21
Pittsburgh halts work on new UPMC Presbyterian hospital tower The city of Pittsburgh has abruptly halted work on the new billion-dollar UPMC Presbyterian hospital tower​. Jun 21
Gov. Shapiro apologized to NFL for being "such a pain" in pushing for draft The Pennsylvania governor reflected on how he was persistent in getting the 2026 NFL Draft to Pittsburgh. Jun 20
Philips Respironics to lay off and relocate hundreds of Pittsburgh-area employees Philips Respironics is laying off workers and closing its offices in Pittsburgh's Bakery Square. Jun 19
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"The Sopranos" at 25: Looking back on TV's greatest hour In 1999, a series about a New Jersey crime family premiered on HBO; it would change television. Series creator David Chase, and stars Edie Falco, Steven Van Zandt, Michael Imperioli and Steve Schirripa, discuss the personal and cultural impact of "The Sopranos." Jun 23
ScareHouse attraction not returning in 2024 Fans of fright may be horrified to learn the ScareHouse will reportedly not be returning this year. Jun 22
Late "Jeopardy!" host Alex Trebek to be honored with new Forever stamp The longtime TV host, who died in 2020 after a battle with pancreatic cancer, is being remembered with a new Forever stamp by the United States Postal Service. Jun 22
Justin Timberlake breaks his silence at tour stop: "It's been a tough week" Justin Timberlake spoke about his recent arrest on D.W.I. charges while performing in Chicago as part of his world tour. Jun 22
Wild Thang wins world's ugliest dog contest in Petaluma Wild Thang, an 8-year-old Pekingese from Oregon, beat seven other competitors to gain the title world's ugliest dog at the Sonoma-Marin Fair on Friday. Jun 23
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Latest Videos How to make a gyro John King, from Olympos Gyros and Catering, was here to show us how to make the classic gyro. 1H ago 00:57
Marvin Minute: New birdie toy David Highfield is sharing some new video of his cat, Marvin, with his new toy. 1H ago 01:02
Eat'n Park celebrates Paul Skenes with Smiley Cookie Eat'n Park is celebrating Pittsburgh Pirates' pitcher Paul Skenes with their new Smiley Cookie. 1H ago 01:36
Coming up on PTL Coming up on PTL (6/24) 1H ago 00:23
Congrats Samantha Moatz | Eat'n Park's Superburgers for Superheroes The first winner of Eat'n Park's Superburgers for Superheroes prize is Samantha Moatz, the founder and executive director of 412Thrive. 1H ago 01:40
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Photos show damage after storms roll through Pittsburgh area Residents in Western Pennsylvania are cleaning up after storms rolled through the region on Monday. Jun 17 9 photos
Pro-Palestinian protesters return to University of Pittsburgh Pro-Palestinian protesters set up a new encampment at the University of Pittsburgh. Jun 4 11 photos
John Shumway goes "cow cuddling" at Hickory Hearth Highlands Check out some of the pictures and video from my visit to Hickory Hearth Highlands! May 31 10 photos
Photos show extensive damage caused by explosion in downtown Youngstown, Ohio An explosion in downtown Youngstown, Ohio, rocked the Realty Building and injured several people. May 28 9 photos
Boaz Frankel goes on Icelandic adventure for PTL and Talk Pittsburgh PTL and Talk Pittsburgh's Boaz Frankel hopped aboard the inaugural Icelandair flight from Pittsburgh International Airport to Reykjavík, Iceland. May 24 14 photos
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