23 Easy DIY Valentine's Day Gifts You Can Make Last-Minute (2024)

Looking for easy DIY Valentine’s Day gifts to whip up for your loved ones? Here are 23 of the best homemade gifts to brighten up their day with!

23 Easy DIY Valentine's Day Gifts You Can Make Last-Minute (1)

There’s nothing quite like spreading love and joy on Valentine’s Day. Even more so if it comes packaged in a cute box, tied with a lovely bow on top and a sweet message to go with it.

Yeah, I’m talking about the very own DIY gifts that we all know and love!!

So, if you want to go all out for that special someone (be it your parents, friends, partner, coworker, etc.) and give them a cute homemade gift that shows all your love, you have landed right.

Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or barely know a thing or two about it, don’t worry, because these are some of the easiest DIY Valentine’s Day gifts you can make, even last-minute for everyone!

Get ready to get crafting because you wouldn’t be able to resist making at least one or two of these. I have personally been obsessed and can attest these heartfelt gifts are literally made out of love!


1. Flirty Fortune Cookies

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Bake delish cookies on Valentine’s Day and send them over to your loved ones, but with a unique twist inside. Instead of stuffing the cookies with the traditional fortunes, fill them up with all the punny pick-up lines or flirty messages you can think of (the cheesier the better!).

This romantic yet sweet idea is so fun and a great way to get a good laugh from anyone. It’s easy to make while still being super thoughtful for the occasion – I’d say it’s a win-win!

2. Valentine’s Day Candy Jars

Recreate this DIY Valentine’s Day gifts:

Okay, how cute is this DIY candy jar? This makes the perfect gift for anyone you know because who doesn’t love chocolate??

You could totally make this at home with a gumball machine and simply painting over it. It’s perfect for the holiday and you can fill it with their favorite chocolate and they will absolutely appreciate this gift from you!

3. Snickers Bouquet

Recreate this DIY gift:

Yeah, flowers may seem like a nice gift for Valentine’s Day, but how about taking it to the next level by wrapping candies around it? This is soo creative and definitely needs to be used more and more!

If you are on the fence and looking for a last-minute gift option to whip up, this is all the inspiration you need. It’s super cheap and easy to make yet still very thoughtful. I would be SO stoked to receive something like this!

4. Love Tubes

23 Easy DIY Valentine's Day Gifts You Can Make Last-Minute (7)
Recreate this DIY:

If you’ve got a ton of people you’re gifting this year and looking for a simple sweet gift they’ll love, then these love tubes will surely be a hit!

All you need to make these are clear tubes, cork, love stickers, and some festive Valentine’s Day candies. These seriously look almost too cute to eat and would make a thoughtful gift for friends, family, and even co-workers!

5. Five Senses Gift Box

How about going old school and spoiling your bae with a bit of everything through this genius concept of the five senses gift? I have always loved this idea and there could not be a better time to do this than on Valentine’s Day!

The fun part about all this is that you get to customize each of the gifts to fit their personality. I just know it will be so worth it watching them open up all of these presents!


6. Valentine’s Day Treats In A Glass

Recreate this DIY gifts:

Valentine’s Day treats have never looked better. This yummy gift is simply genius and hard to miss for Valentine’s Day. You could easily make a bunch of these for your favorite people!

To recreate this cute idea, just use pink felt to cover the glass and add the desired candies/treats. Top it off with a cute heart pick and you might have the best homemade Valentine’s Day gift ready for anyone!

7. Jar Of Hearts

23 Easy DIY Valentine's Day Gifts You Can Make Last-Minute (14)
Recreate this DIY Mason Jar:

Here is a super cute mason jar DIY that literally anyone can make! It’s a jar full of heart-shaped chocolates and to jazz it up a bit, they also added a cupid’s bow piercing one of the chocolates inside. How creative!!

It’s one of the easy DIY Valentine’s Day gifts that is simple but still sweet enough to give everyone!

8. Personalized Picture Frame

Recreate this DIY:

It’s time to print out all those sweet couple pictures you have been taking with your valentine and put them to good use! Just get a wooden frame from any store, decorate it with your initials, and display all your pictures on it with strings. It’s easy to create and makes for a thoughtful keepsake they can hang in their room!

9. Popcorn Valentines

23 Easy DIY Valentine's Day Gifts You Can Make Last-Minute (19)
Recreate this DIY:

If your valentine prefers savory items than all the sweet treats, this is such a cute, last-minute valentine’s idea for them! Just get the cute printable from the website linked and tape it on the bag of any microwave popcorn to let them know that they make your heart POP.

It’s cute, it’s cheesy, it’s salty and they’re guaranteed to enjoy this creative gift from you. 😉

10. Candy Tackle Box

Recreate this DIY:

Want to get creative this year and give them something other than the usual box of chocolates? Fill up a plastic container with your loved ones favorite treats for a more thoughtful and personalized option!

Finish it off with a punny wrapping of something along the lines of “You Have Me Hooked” or “You’re My Kinder Person”, so they get the memo ;).

11. Valentine Treat Jars

23 Easy DIY Valentine's Day Gifts You Can Make Last-Minute (23)
Recreate this DIY:

How cute are these mini jars full of treats and goodies?! If you have a few condiment jars at home you can easily DIY this with things you already have around!

The process is super quick and all they did was paint glass jars with gold and pink spray paints, and then added the starburst candies once they all dried off. Easy-peasy, right?

12. Strawberry Sugar Scrub

23 Easy DIY Valentine's Day Gifts You Can Make Last-Minute (26)

Sometimes a simple gift that is actually helpful is the way to go. Nobody will deny this homemade strawberry sugar scrub that not only smells soo good but will also help nourish their skin!

It’s yum and a useful gift for Valentine’s Day that won’t go to waste and will actually be loved and used by them!

13. DIY Tile Heart Art

23 Easy DIY Valentine's Day Gifts You Can Make Last-Minute (27)
Recreate this DIY:

Give your loved ones a gorgeous art they can decorate their wall with. This tile heart-shaped wall art is a simple DIY and looks soo cute wherever you keep it! Just order some white hexagon tiles and pink paint colors from Amazon, and get crafting this adorable canvas they’ll love to keepsake.

14. Will You Be My Valentine Gift Box

Recreate this DIY:

Okay, how fun is this gift box? I feel like Valentine’s Day is the only time you can get as cheesy as you want, so this is perfect!

Use any custom box and fill it with all kinds of snacks you can make funny ‘puns’ on. This is a gift box that cannot be any more perfect to give to your friends or partner because you get the freedom to write whatever you want inside!

15. Candy Wreath

23 Easy DIY Valentine's Day Gifts You Can Make Last-Minute (32)
Recreate this DIY:

Nothing says “Happy Valentine’s Day” like chocolate and candy, and this candy wreath is a fun and creative DIY Valentine’s Day gift that is great for literally everyone!

16. Chocolate Bouquet

Recreate this DIY:

What’s better than a flower bouquet? A chocolate bouquet!! Honestly, anyone would love a chocolate bouquet rather than real flowers for Valentine’s Day.

This handmade chocolate bouquet is like heaven on earth, I want one for myself! Ditch the flowers and just make them this yummy bouquet with all their favorite chocolates and you can 100% guarantee they’ll be over the moon with this sweet gift!

17. Memory Jar

Recreate this DIY:

Take a trip down the memory lane and fill a jar with all the fun memories you have made with your valentine. I will admit this DIY takes time but is SO worth the effort! You guys can have so much fun all night reminiscing and relishing each memory together and make plenty more memories for next year’s gift ;).

18. Valentine Candy Bottles

Recreate this DIY:

What better way to show your love than with a pretty bottle filled to the brim with candies! This is such a sweet custom gift for friends, coworkers, and just about anyone!

Empty up the bottles and fill them with an assortment of candies or chocolates. Then, add your own custom decorations on the bottles with a cupid’s arrow. Definitely the perfect, last-minute gift you can put together with things you can easily get.

19. Sweet S’mores

Recreate this DIY:

Looking for a cute DIY gift to give your friends this Valentine’s Day? These s’mores kits are everything and will definitely be a huge hit!

Just grab some heart-shaped mega mallows, a few graham crackers, and mini chocolate bars with a lovely note in a bag to let them know how much you appreciate them on this special day. And then have a marshmallow roast at night with them together!


20. I Have A CRUSH On You

Recreate this DIY:

Okay, this is so creative and whoever did this deserves all the recognition! I never thought Crush soda would come in handy for Valentine’s Day, but this idea is too good to not use!

We all know and love Crush so this is like two gifts in one for your valentine. They will absolutely love the cheesy note on the bottles, and also get to enjoy drinking them all!

21. You’re The “Balm”

Recreate this DIY:

Now, this is a cute DIY Valentine’s Day gift that you could easily give in a bunch to a ton of people because nobody dislikes lip balm! All you need to do is print off the free printable from the link above and stick an EOS balm on it. It’s easy, super quick and a gift they’ll surely make good use of.

22. Bath Bomb

Recreate this DIY:

These homemade bath bombs are soo pretty and easy to make! Skip the spa day and just make them these lush bath bombs with dried rose petals and eucalyptus salt to help them get their very own at-home spa! She will lovee the smell of this, plus it will look super cute on her counter!

23. Gold Heart And Scalloped DIY Pillows

For all the crafty lovers out there that want to go out all out and give their loved ones something special, this DIY pillow cover can be such a great gift! These are really easy to make too, just get your hands on a sewing machine and decorate the covers however your heart desires.

These were all the best and easy DIY Valentine’s Day gifts to make for anyone.

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23 Easy DIY Valentine's Day Gifts You Can Make Last-Minute (2024)
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