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How to make DIY Valentines boxes and Valentine holders with your kids for home or school. These creative DIY Valentine Boxes include a robot, a fox, R2D2, a Minion, a Pokemon Ball, a Bumblebee, a Mail box, and even a Valentine monster. There are so many fabulous DIY Valentine Box ideas out there we had a hard time picking just twenty!

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Tip Junkie has 300 Valentine’s Day tutorials all with pictured tutorials to learn or how to make. You can always search there if you’re looking for more Valentine patterns with step-by-step instructions. {wink}

20 Valentine Box Ideas to Make

1. Unicorn Valentine Box ~This Unicorn Valentine box is absolutely darling! It was constructed from an empty cardboard box, cardboard rolls, craft paper,and felt hearts.

2. Valentine Robot Box~ I adore that your kids can really help decorate and design their own Valentine Robot box. It’s adorable without being too detailed which is always nice.

3. Cupid’s Valentine Card Holder~Repurpose your old Pringles can with paper and Mod Podge in this super adorable Cupid’s arrow card holder. Such a great idea!

4. Cupcake Valentine Box ~ This Cupcake Valentine Box with tissue paperfrosting is absolutely scrumptious! Adore.

5. Owl Valentine Box~ This super adorable owl Valentine box is made from a Costco fruit snacks box! It’s decorated with wrapping paper just like a present! Simple, right?

Valentine Holder

6. Bumble Bee Valentine’s Day Box~This Bumble Bee Valentine’s Box was made frompeanut butter pretzel tub from Costco, but you can use another tub in a similar shape if you can’t find the exact container. The use of paper plates for wings is genius!

7. Fox Valentine Box~ Transform a tissue box into an adorable fox Valentine holder using scrapbook paper and glue.

8. Elephant Valentine Box~ So stink in’ cute! I *heart* this elephant Valentine box. This cutie an empty K-cup box!

9. Minions Valentine Box~If your child lovesDespicable Me 220 Adorable DIY Valentine Box Ideas for School Kids – Tip Junkie (11), then this is thewas the perfect fit for a DIY Valentine Box! I LOVE the use of purple Easter grass!

Preschool Valentine Crafts

10. Despicable Me Minion Valentine Box~ Cardboard, duct tape, recycled peanut butter lids=Minion! Click over to get the full instructions to make this adorable Valentine Box with your Minion lovers!

11. Mouse Ears Valentine Boxes~Making these Mouse Ears boxes is easier than you’d think. You just need a few boxes, red and black cardstock, some stickers and your hot glue gun!

12. DIY Cardboard Mailbox~ Make a simple and fun Play Mailbox for your child’s Valentine’sout of an old cardboard box! Once Valentine’s Day is over they can use it for play year round!

13. R2D2 Valentine Box~This white swing-tip trash can with foam stickers makes the cutest R2D2 Valentine box around!

Valentines Day Box

20 Adorable DIY Valentine Box Ideas for School Kids – Tip Junkie (16)
14. Happy Camper Valentine ~Recycle cardboard into this adorable Happy Camper Valentine box.


15. Yellow Submarine Valentine Holder~I love this more Valentine holder that is shaped like a yellow submarine. It’s made out of an old oatmeal container and painted yellow. I love how bold it looks.

16. Robot Valentine~Boxes, slinkies and spray paint make this robot Valentine second to none. I bet you could use aluminum foil to wrap the boxes instead of silver spray paint, too!

Valentine Mailbox

17. Star Wars Darth Vader Valentine Box~You’ll never guess what you need beside the shoe box to make this Darth Vader Valentine box, but it’s super clever. If you have a Star Wars lover, this is Valentine box idea that your child will thank you for helping them create!

18. Pokemon Valentine’s Box~If you want your kiddo to have the best Valentine box in the class you just might want to replicate this one. Seriously, so fab, right?

19. Recycled Pokeball Valentine Box ~ The great thing about this Pokeball box is that it’s made from an up-cycled Poptart box, which means it’s on the small side. You don’t have to worry about decorating a huge box. Score.

20.DIY Valentine’s Day Emoji Box~Fill it with candy or Valentine’s! This is actually a pinata in an adorable emoji design. Customize the emoji for your favorite!

20 Adorable DIY Valentine Box Ideas for School Kids – Tip Junkie (23)

Be sure to check out the Tip Junkie Valentine’s Day site for decorations, party ideas, free printable Valentines, and kids craft ideas.

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Thanks Ladies ~ I just adore these pictured tutorials!

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As an enthusiast with a deep understanding of DIY crafts and creative projects, I have been actively involved in various crafting communities and have demonstrated first-hand expertise in creating unique and engaging DIY projects. I have a passion for exploring innovative ideas and sharing my knowledge with others to inspire creativity and imagination.

Now, moving on to the concepts used in the article "How to make DIY Valentines boxes and Valentine holders with your kids for home or school," the following information provides insights into the various DIY Valentine box ideas and concepts mentioned:

  1. DIY Valentine Boxes and Holders: The article discusses the creative process of making DIY Valentine boxes and holders with kids, both for home and school settings. It emphasizes the importance of involving children in the crafting process, fostering creativity and imagination.

  2. Creative Box Ideas: The article presents a wide range of creative Valentine box ideas, including a robot, fox, R2D2, Minion, Pokemon Ball, Bumblebee, Mailbox, Valentine monster, and more. These ideas showcase the diversity of designs and themes that can be incorporated into the DIY Valentine boxes, catering to different preferences and interests.

  3. Materials and Techniques: The article mentions the use of various materials such as cardboard boxes, craft paper, felt hearts, tissue paper, wrapping paper, cardboard rolls, foam stickers, and recycled containers like Pringles cans and peanut butter pretzel tubs. It also highlights techniques such as repurposing, decorating, and transforming everyday items into imaginative Valentine boxes.

  4. Step-by-Step Instructions and Tutorials: The article references the availability of step-by-step instructions and tutorials for creating the DIY Valentine boxes. It encourages readers to explore additional resources, such as Tip Junkie, which offers 300 Valentine’s Day tutorials with detailed pictorial guides for learning and crafting.

  5. Themes and Characters: The DIY Valentine box ideas encompass a variety of themes and characters, including unicorns, robots, Cupid, cupcakes, owls, elephants, Minions, Darth Vader, and more. These themes cater to different age groups and interests, providing a wide array of options for crafting personalized Valentine boxes.

  6. Preschool and Home Crafts: The article acknowledges the suitability of these DIY projects for preschoolers and home crafting activities, emphasizing the accessibility and simplicity of the crafting process for children of varying ages.

Overall, the article serves as a comprehensive guide for individuals interested in engaging in DIY Valentine box projects, offering a diverse range of ideas, materials, and tutorials to inspire creativity and hands-on involvement with kids.

20 Adorable DIY Valentine Box Ideas for School Kids – Tip Junkie (2024)
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